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Tansy Bestigui
Gender: Female
Friends/Family: Freddie Bestigui (husband)

Ursula May (sister)
Cyprian May (brother-in-law)

Home: 18 Kentigern Gardens, Mayfair
Tansy Bestigui is a character in The Cuckoo's Calling. She is Freddie Bestigui's wife and was the only resident of Lula Landry's building to witness her fall to the pavement below. She is interviewed by Strike.

History Edit

Tansy was at least the third wife of Freddie Bestigui, a known film producer. She lived on the first floor of 18 Kentigern Gardens in Mayfair, in the same building as Lula Landry.

On the night Lula died, Tansy had used cocaine, and got into an argument with Freddie. As punishment, Freddie locked Tansy out in the balcony, only in her underwear, in a snowy night, with temperatures reaching -10 degrees Celsius. She heard Lula arguing with a male voice from the balcony she was in, and then saw Lula's fall to the pavement four floors below her flat. She started tapping on the window, and Freddie opened it up for her. She ran past him, and went down to the ground floor entrance, screaming hysterically, saying that Lula's killer was still on her flat. The doorman, Derrick Wilson, went to Lula's flat to check, but found nobody there. Freddie paid Tansy to silence her, since the press finding out that he abused his wife would result in huge losses for Freddie's agency.

Tansy lied to the police, telling them that she got up at around two in the morning to use the bathroom and heard shouting coming from Lula's flat, and then saw her fall. But the windows of Freddie's flat were triple-glazed and absolutely insulated, so Tansy would never have heard anything, especially since Lula lived two floors above her. The police found out Tansy had used cocaine the night Lula died and discarded her testimony.

However, when Strike interviewed her, the story Tansy told was inconsistent with the one she told the police. She told Strike she had got up for a glass of water, not to use the bathroom, and saw Lula fall. But when Strike looked into the layout of Tansy and Freddie's flat, he realised Tansy wouldn't have been able to see Lula's fall from the bathroom; he then went on to discover where Tansy really was that night.