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Sukhvinder Jawanda
Also known as: Jolly, Tits 'N' Tash, Sooks
Age: probably 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: School student
Friends/Family: Father: Vikram
Mother: Parminder
Siblings: Jaswant, Rajpal
Friends: Gaia Bawden, Niamh, Siobhan Fairbrother
Home: CV:Pagford

Sukhvinder Jawanda was the youngest child of Vikram and Parminder Jawanda. She was dyslectic, had poor grades in school, and was bullied often, especially by Fats Wall and Dane Tully. Fats regularly left messages about hirsutism, bearded ladies, and lesbianism on her Facebook page. She cut herself because of the bullying and her feeling that she did not live up to her mother's expectations. She also left a message on the Pagford website as "Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother," claiming that her mother was in love with Barry.

She was friends with Gaia Bawden, Niamh and Siobhan Fairbrother.

When Robbie Weedon fell into the river, she jumped in to try to save him, risking her life. Her parents become somewhat kinder to her after this incident, and Dane Tully and his friends stopped bullying her because Robbie was Dane's cousin. She raised money to hold a funeral for Krystal and Robbie.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sukhvinder is a common Indian Punjabi Sikh/Hindu first name, common with both men and women of the Punjab/Haryana region of India. It originates from joining the two Sanskrit words 'sukh', meaning happiness; and 'inder', meaning god; thus Sukhvinder would mean 'a god who provides happiness'.

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