These are the templates specific to this wiki. For a list of general templates, see The_Casual_Vacancy_Wiki:Templates.

We have created several templates to help page creation and to ensure a uniform appearance and correct categorisation of pages. This page purports to list all of them; feel free to add any missing ones.

Character-related templatesEdit

These are {{Character}}, {{Adult}}, {{Teen}}, {{Male}} and {{Female}}. For explanations of these, see the guide to creating character articles]].

General article templatesEdit

The following section contains one or more spoilers.
Ends the above section. There should be no further spoilers from here.


Creates a named anchor on the page without having to specify a section headline. Used by the Spoilers/Endspoiler pair.
{{W|article|alternate text}}
Links to a Wikipedia article.
E.g. {{W|The_Beatles}} gives The_Beatles on Wikipedia
{{W|The_Beatles|The Fab Four}} gives The Fab Four on Wikipedia