Parminder Jawanda
Also known as: Bends-your-ear
Age: Adult, unspecified
Gender: Female
Occupation: GP
Parish Council member
Friends/Family: Husband: Vikram
Children: Rajpal, Jaswant, Sukhvinder
Home: Pagford

Parminder Jawanda was a resident of Pagford and a member of the Pagford Parish Council. Her tendency to expound at length on social issues earned her the nickname "Bends Your Ear." She was close friends with Barry Fairbrother before his death. She was married to Vikram Jawanda, a cardiac surgeon, and they had three children, Jaswant, Rajpal, and Sukhvinder, the last of whom she considered a disappointment and subjected to regular verbal abuse.

Her status as a General Practitioner gave her access to many Pagford residents including Howard Mollison. She brought up Howard Mollison's weight issues in a council meeting (a breach of patient confidentiality), leading to her suspension from her job.

Samantha Mollison belived that she and Vikram had an arranged marriage.

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