Simon Price
Also known as: Si-Pie (affectionately by Ruth, sarcastically by Andrew and Fats)
Age: Adult, unspecified
Gender: Male
Friends/Family: Wife: Ruth
Sons: Andrew, Paul

Simon Price was initially a candidate for the election, but he dropped out after his son Andrew posted about the stolen computer he had purchased, on the Pagford Parish Council website, under the Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother account. Simon lived in Hilltop House with his wife Ruth and two sons, Andrew and Paul, all three of whom he often abused, both physically and verbally.

Price was a man who felt that he could get by in life on shortcuts and cheats. In addition to his receipt of stolen goods, he also provided printing on the sly, cheating his employer. He felt that other people were like him and was delighted when he learned something that made him believe that Barry Fairbrother was also a corrupt cheat, though his info was mistaken.

He was loathed by his son Andrew, but was able to intimidate both his wife and his other son, Paul.

Outward AppearanceEdit

Simon had thick, light-brown hair and a wiry frame, and wrinkles in the corner of his eyes, which his wife found attractive.