When the casting for Cormoran first came out, I saw the name Tom Burke and kinda responded along the lines of "That name sounds familiar. Cool," because I wouldn't have reason to be disappointed by the casting after I eventually got around to reading the books.

Then I read the books. Two weeks ago? About two weeks ago. Then I ran out of material, so I got really eager to watch the show.

Note: I have become spectacularly dreadful at watching shows in the past few years. Miraculously, I managed like a season and a half of Rick and Morty before being hit by my own procrastination bug. I considered that a success. So it doesn't surprise me that I haven't watched the CM series yet.

. . . Cue five minutes ago. When I googled the show—because, I wanted to know if the character art used on the wikia was an official thing or whatever, and saw more pictures of the actor for Cormoran. Headshots in fact. (And some *clicks tongue appreciatively* amazing fanart).

Tom Mother****ing Burke.

And I was like . . . "Athos?"

Wait. Clicked on the name.

"He is best known for his role as Athos in the BBC series The Musketeers . . ."

*deer in headlights*

. . .

**** me.

Now I have to watch this show.


. . .  Also, there's ya know the fact that this series has rekindled my desperate affair with books and has been one HECK of an experience. And I'd really love to see the live action versions of Robin and Cormoran (TOM ****ING BURKE) and Shanker and everyone. So, that too.

I need to see this show SO much.

This concludes "Why I need to watch the show" (and should probably stop blogging about it instead). Cheshire out. (I'm not cool enough for that exit line. Or am I? *x files theme plays*)